Still in the Northern Hemisphere

But not because anything has gone wrong.  Rather, geography was never my strongest subject at school… it turns out Singapore is indeed in the Northern Hemisphere.  Only by 1 degree, but it still counts.

So tonight is our last night in the Northern Hemisphere.  This time tomorrow night we will be at Changi Airport, waiting to board an overnight flight to Sydney, and then on home to Canberra.

We have had a very pleasant two days in Singapore, made especially so by our (almost) surprise visitors.  On the day we left Winchester, Tony’s parents rang to say that they had decided it had been too long since they had seen the grandkids – so they were flying up to Singapore to coincide with us.  (It’s only a 5 hour flight from Perth, so spontaneity is doable).

Any blurriness is the camera, not me. The Singapore sling I had prior to dinner has nothing to do with it.


Our little family is all a bit jet lagged – the kids did not want to wake up this morning.  Even after I put Millie in with Toby (usually a guarantee of riotous laughter within seconds), they kept sleeping.



Still, we have kept them awake enough to have fun with Margie and Poppa Dave.

No really, Millie’s having fun.

We have had wonderful meals together – including a lovely dinner by the pool at M&D’s hotel, my first taste of Chilli Crab, and a trip to a hawker’s market in Chinatown that was hectic but fun.

Today we headed out to the Gardens by the Bay, which is a beautiful garden (surprisingly enough) development on reclaimed land.  Our favourite part was the Cloud Forest, which is a 35m tall artificial mountain with a waterfall (the world’s largest artificial waterfall), planted with cool-moist rainforest vegetation – all entirely indoors under a dome.  It’s nuts, and absolutely gorgeous.


Along with the plants, are little touches of whimsy – statures dotted throughout, and in one bed, Lego plants interspersed with the real.


It was beautiful to see the views out over Singapore – and I braved the (very high) walkway to see them. So after one last family reunion on our big trip, we are finally on the cusp of heading home.  It’s been fantastic, and I have very mixed feelings about it all coming to an end.

Still in the Northern Hemisphere

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